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Hefei Shihua Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of butt-welded pipe fittings. Its main products are various piping components including elbows, factory bends, return bends, reducers, tees,, stub ends, caps, manifolds, pigtails, riser & down corners, flanges, socket-welding fittings, etc., with materials of steel, titanium, nickel, zirconium, copper, aluminum and so on. Those products are widely used in petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, winemaking, textile, construction and other industries.

The company's leading products including seamless elbows, factory bends and return bends are all produced by medium-frequency induction hot pushing technology. Those products are featured of fine grain, compact structure, uniform wall thickness, reliable internal quality, accurate geometric dimension, natural and beautiful streamline, clean interior and exterior, and easy construction and installation. Those products produced by this technology are safe and reliable pipe fittings for petrochemical and electric power companies.

The company was founded in 1992. After being strictly checked and accepted by the Material Equipment Co., Ltd. of SINOPEC in 1994, it was among the ranks of “Member Factory in Resource Market” of SINOPEC. In 1996, it was absorbed as a “fixed-point factory for pipe fitting production” by the State Grid Anhui Electric Power Co., Ltd. and was famous for producing high pressure and non-standard difficult pipe fittings. In 2005, it was included in the “Member Factory in Resource Market” by PetroChina. In 2007, it was absorbed as a “Member Factory in Resource Market” by China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC).实华管件

The company is located in the national-level Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering an construction area of 50,000 m2, inducing a plant area of 20,000 m2, and having the existing staff of 180 people, of whom 36 were engineering and technical personnel. The company has more than RMB 60 Millions of fixed assets and more than RMB 60 millions of liquidity, as well as four medium-frequency induction hot pushing production lines, DN200, DN300, DN600 and DN1200; 3 sets of hot bending units for bends production, DN150, DN300 and DN800; 2 sets of hydraulic cold extruding units for tees production, DN200 and DN400; 3 sets of cold pushing units for stainless steel elbows production, DN100, DN300 and DN600; and 10 sets of 3000T, 1000T, 800T, 500T, 315T, 200T, 100T and 60T press. The matching molds and equipment for cutting, heat treatment, shaping, machining, shot blasting, sand blasting, acid pickling and passivation are completely equipped. The annual capacity of finished pipe fittings designing and processing is 10,000 tons and RMB 300 Millions.

The company has a perfect quality management system and advanced complete testing instrument. Many processes can be completed in house including chemical composition analysis, full- quantitative direct reading spectral analysis, ultrasonic thickness measurement, hardness test, tensile test, bending test, ultra-low temperature impact test, penetrant inspection, magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic inspection, eddy current inspection, radiographic inspection, metallographic analysis, intergranular corrosion test and hydraulic test. Since August 2000, the company has passed ISO9001-1994, ISO9001-2000 and ISO9001-2008 quality management system certifications in succession. In October 2012, it obtained the ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification and the OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification. In December 2002, it passed the national safety registration certification. In August 2008, it obtained the P.R.China Manufacture License of Special Equipment (pressure piping components) . In 2009, it was awarded the title of High-tech Enterprise which was passed the review in 2012. In February 2011, it obtained the P.R.China Manufacture License of Special Equipment (pressure vessels). In 2013, it was approved to establish the "Heifei Butt-welding Metallic Pipe Fittings Engineering Technology Research Center" and in 2014 it was approved to establish the "Hefei Enterprise Technology Center." In 2015, it obtained API ISO9001 certificate and API SpecQ1 certificate. In 2017, it obtained the certification stamps of ASME U+PP. The production and management of the company's products are strictly in accordance with quality manuals and program documents. The company always carries out self-inspection, mutual inspection, incoming inspection and leaving inspection, and always adheres to the 100% inspection system during the entire production process from raw material entering to leaving factory. Therefore, our products not only have complete specifications, but also have a leading position in the domestic industry. In particular, we have plenty of products’ manufacturing technology ranking at the forefront in China, including medium-frequency induction hot pushed stainless steel elbows, return bends, U-bends, nickel-base alloys and special-purpose pipe fittings, hot-extruded manifolds and closed-molded high-pressure elbows.

As for our pipeline accessories, domestic ones are up to GB, SH, HG, GD, SY standards, and the ones for export meet the standard quality requirements of US ASME B16.9, B16.28, B16.11; Japan JISB2312, JISB2313 and Germany DIN2605, DIN2615, DIN2617, EN10253. The return bends for furnace use meets the requirements of SH/T3065-2005 standard. The manifolds meets the design requirements of SINOPEC Beijing Design Institute and LPEC.

Since its establishment, the company has been maintaining a long-term and stable supply and demand relationship with more than 180 large and medium-sized enterprises in the domestic petroleum and chemical, power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, textile, and coal chemical industries, providing a large number of high-quality pipe fittings for users’ infrastructure and maintenance. Some products are exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions, received quite a good reputation.

Under the guidance of the principle of “good faith, high-quality, standardization, and high-efficiency”, the company has developed rapidly and achieved remarkable success. In the future, we will continue to uphold this purpose, blaze new trails, and strive for excellence. Warmly welcome new and old friends come to visit, we will be happy to serve you!


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