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Specialized in metallic butt-welding fittings for 22 years

Fixed-point pipe fittings  manufacturer for Sinopec, PetroChina and CNOOC

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Hefei Shihua Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd.

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Company Address:  No.219 Yuping RD., Hefei Anhui, 230601, P.R.C.

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Testing instrument

Germany Spectro full-element spectrometer
Release time:
2018-03-02 17:07
The spectrometer can complete the identification and sorting of alloy materials for the process of incoming materials and product quality control, analysis of basic structural materials of petrochemic
Metallographic analyzer
Release time:
2018-03-02 17:06
Metallographic analysis is an important methods for the experimental study of metallic materials. Using the principle of quantitative metallography, the three-dimensional spatial morphology of the al
Intergranular corrosion test
Release time:
2018-03-02 17:05
Intergranular corrosion is a type of local corrosion, namely the corrosion extending to the inside along the boundary between metal grains. Intergranular corrosion test is a fast metal corrosion test
Elevated temperature tensile & bending test
Release time:
2018-03-02 17:04
Elevated temperature tensile tester is used to test the mechanical properties of metal, nonmetal and composite materials, including tensile test, compression test, bending test, shear test, tear test,
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Company Address:  No.219 Yuping RD., Hefei Anhui, 230601, P.R.C.